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Architectural Design

Motif Architects offers architecture design that comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise and inform the character of a building: the structure that holds it up; the services that allow it to function; its ecology; the quality of natural light; the symbolism of the form; the relationship of the building to the skyline or the streetscape; the way you move through or around it; and last but not least, its ability to lift the spirits. By working together creatively from the start of a project, architects and engineers combine their knowledge to devise integrated, sustainable design solutions.

Urban Planning and Development

Designing at the urban scale is a complex undertaking, whether it involves a master plan for a city, a regeneration scheme for a neighborhood, or planning a new public transport system. Our team includes planners and spatial designers, economists and anthropologists, and landscape architects and mobility engineers, working together to create thriving and resilient environments. In this era of unprecedented social, technological, and environmental change, our approach anticipates the evolutionary changes and rapid transformations shaping our urban environments.

Interior Design

By designing a building from the inside out as much as from the outside in, we instill a sense of continuity and connection to the wider world. The starting point for any design solution is to gain an understanding of people’s needs and the way in which space will be used. The goal is the creation of interiors that are both functional and elegant while evoking a sense of place and complementing a building’s outward expression.

Landscape Design

We design landscapes as a part of the buildings, as we believe landscaping defines the building's character. Therefore, our team contains landscape designers who dedicate time to every part of the landscaping to get the best possible detail.

Construction and Project Management

We believe that structure is a big part of the designing process; therefore, our structure team's ethos is to find the most elegant and minimal resolution to the structural challenges of our projects to identify the ‘inevitable’ solution, where nothing more can be removed. The team has the technical knowledge and experience to address projects of varying scales and complexity.

General Contrats

General contracting is carried out only on projects that we develop ourselves; we lead them from idea to implementation. So that the impression of the realized interior and its visualization do not diverge, during the execution of the general contract, we involve a team of our specialists and attract all the necessary contractors. We already have a pool of established contacts with professionals in the field of construction and repair work, which we control. Easily take on the most difficult work. You just have to enjoy the project.







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